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In our cleaners we use the hand press to take care of jackets.

Now I’ll show you a proffessional’s doing it.
To be able to hand press a jacket from start to finish by instinct it takes ten years .[0]=AZWUAD4J0tNSfCBhklht7HWsAaybKt-rYExRI_ilvzSh8FTzIWqaR3nXTiMYXHr9GpI6X1pqWhs04TLCTt-ut0tw8zuT14kv0yRzs0BlhOp8P10k_-7DQiEHLpLZHUSC54pSRpYWRMkGvoYHZoAB129-jCIomadPmNnOfgvxowb35cse3N_4VAzCQBU6oOosQxdG犀利士 0yldfiIH6eLio3DR9en_&__tn__=EH-R

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